February 20, 2008


Roma tomatoes this year. And many, many chillies. With a little bit of rosemary and an abundance of mint, sage and oregano. Some radishes, lettuce, rocket, vietnamese and italian basil. Passionfruit and corn didn't work out.

Sadly, our lemons are ripening quite late this year. Our gin and tonics have missed the home grown lemons.
As summer is coming to an end, I am not sure what we will do with all the lemons once they eventually ripen. A lemon glut.


Jamie said...

Frog tried brewing some alcoholic lemonade if I do recall correctly. Back at Aberdare road. Think it was left a bit long, as I have images of mould in my mind. But he might still have some tips!

Anonymous said...

Damn, wish we were still there - we go through about 10 kgs of tomatos a week! I always hated bloody mary's until I tried one made from fresh tomato juice (i.e. straight from the tomato), no I can't live without 'em! In fact we're off to the Farmer's Market now to stock up, though I 'spect it won't be a patch on Freo Markets.

Great to catch up with you guys, wish it could have been longer...


ali b said...

Hi Mad

You can get the recipe for Lemon Desert Thing by clicking on the link: