January 18, 2008


Geez, I nearly forgot this moment.

A spectacular day for some friends with the seals. The way they interact with us always blows me away.

To Live

There are times when I think I don't like where I live.

Apparently, some friends of mine cannot return because it is now cheaper to live in London than Perth. I don't believe this, but it is undoubtedly another good way to justify to family and friends why you can't stand the place. Sometime I don't like it simply because I can't go to France next weekend.

But then there are moments when I know why I came home, to live.
One moment: a balmy nights following a 40+ day, with our parents, at the flicks in Kings Park.

Other moments: at the beach.
The beach is an addiction. I've got an opportunity to move to Melbourne but when I reflect at length at why I am likely not to go, in all honestly it is because I love our beaches and cannot yet bear to be parted from them again .