January 25, 2008

Australia Day

I used to like it. Then I went off it for a bit. And then one mate used to have great parties on Australia Day, so I developed a bit more affection for it. I once skied through a blizzard in France on Australia Day with two men and the flag. We had a great day, notwithstanding the Fosters.

But the relationship went sour when Hanson wrapped herself in the flag and then the country got wrapped up in it as well. And then young men wrapped themselve up in it and bashed some Australians with Lebanese-born Australian parents.
I am yet to recover from the shame. I cannot look at the Australian flag without those Cronulla riot images coming to mind. Eternal shame on us.

The motto this year is 'celebrate what's great'

Go for it. But don't forget what's not great.


The cost of supplying all the water to my house from 10 July 2007 to 11 Jan 2008 was $49.65

I am going out and buying a swimming pool and I am going to fill it with water. And then, day after day, I am going to do bombies in it and splash loads of water out and then fill it with more water. Then my water bill will go up and I'll be all incentivised to invest in a rain water tank to harvest the rain from the roof.
Its the only way out this ridiculous situation.

January 23, 2008


I hope that John Howard's legacy to all Australians is swept away like he was.