December 06, 2006

Wombats 2 Wombles 0

I must acknowledge that News Corporation owns the copyright in this spectacular piece of work. It was on the front page of The Sun today.

I'll state the obvious - it must be terrible to be an English cricketer. Firstly, because they are so bad at cricket. Secondly, for losing the second test of the Ashes series in the abysmal way that they did. Thirdly, becuase of the media treatment they are getting back home in Britain. Fourthly, because The Sun was the newspaper that made a very rich and very powerful Australian born person, very rich.
Words cannot express how happy I was to see England lose that cricket match yesterday. As a friend and I were discussing today, England need to be crushed.

As my friend put it: 'crush the English into oblivion so they lose all hope and sense of worth. Especially, Pieterson - he is a wankarrrrr.'

Done, done and done.

Thanks Punter. Thanks Warney.

Kevin Rudd

This man gave a good speech in the Australian Federal Parliament yesterday.,20876,20876230-601,00.html

December 03, 2006


We saw this crane-carrying ship recently in the Port of Fremantle. It had come from China, had dropped off a crane, was then on to Brisbane and Japan to do the same.

Look what those Chinese folks do with all that iron-ore we send over there.

Its like a funny factory game. We ship the ore to China in big mounds of sludge; they keep it there for a bit, add a bit of this and a bit of that, then they ship it back to us looking like this crane.