April 07, 2006


I do like young people. People younger than me. I like their ingenuity. I admire their strength.
Especially the ingenuity and strength of the young people that deposited this playground toy on the lake shore. Have you seen the springs on these things? They are massive! It would have taken whoever did this a substantial amount of effort and persistence. Much more effort and persistence than I would apply to such a task now. I might have given it a whirl fifteen years ago (I just changed that from 10- Even 10 years ago I was over it). Conceivably, I might consider such a task now, but I would have to be quite, quite drunk or otherwise impaired and with the encouragement of equally drunk associates.
But back to the kids. Good for them. I bet they were pretty thrilled when that spring broke. I can picture the spring pinging off and the looks of ‘what the f*k do we do with this now?’

I have made some assumptions here. I have assumed young people did this and that there was a group. I don't think there is any getting away from the need for youthful vigour to get one of these things out of its moorings. And the thought of anyone acting alone in this regard is preposterous…


I live in an old part of an old suburb. My parents live in an older part of the same suburb; and they have a much nicer view than us. If you were of a mind to chat to him, my dad would tell you how when he first bought his block there was no mains electricity or water. Even I remember when the water tank tower was taken down. The neighbours used to have a windmill. Now they have air-conditioning and one of those electric powered chairs that climbs up the stairs.

Just near to where I live, some developers are putting in a new suburb. It’s called an ‘estate’. Here are some pictures of it. There is not much to say really. You could say ‘wasteland’. Or you could say, as they do in Porpoise Spit, ‘You can’t stop progress’.

April 05, 2006


Here is a funny thing my brother sent me recently.

Doesn’t the PM look a little, well… little? Or maybe its my brother’s big hat and Howard’s shining chrome dome that are deceiving me.

I reckon my brother is a bit left of centre in his political leanings, so I am assuming this is a bit of a piss-take.

The guy in the blue shirt behind them certainly seems to think so.