February 07, 2007

Christmas 2006/7

I have just got back from a long 5 week break from work. 3 of those were spent overseas. But the other 2 were spent having a lovely Christmas and New Year time. Christmas was great - mucking about at the beach, doing jigsaw puzzles in the courtyard and drinking too much wine. Burber King and I took on the job of cooking the turkey for Christmas lunch. I only volunteered after having a brilliant turkey thanksgiving dinner in November with our wonderful neighbourhood friends. A good turkey really is possible. It doesn't have to be dried out after all. Turns out those Americans do know a thing or two - and cooking turkey is one of them (our friends aren't American (not that there is anything wrong with that... I adore Gore Vidal) they just lived there for a while). Anyway, our turkey was a success. And here is a picture of the family feeding on it.

New Year was a cool little home party with family and our neighbourhood friends. Big dinner, rowdiness and hats. I like the mini-party.

Here is a web-album of a few shots around this time. http://picasaweb.google.com.au/luckymojito/ChristmasTime20062007