January 27, 2008

Australia Day II

Don't forget what's not great about Australia. They were my previous words.

Dugite snakes. There are very Australian and I don't much care for them. One of them bit my dog early this evening. Right in the middle of our Australia Day BBQ dinner.

How we avoided detection by the Booze Buses on our emergency drive to Murdoch Uni, I will never know.

So now Jack is living the life of Riley in a $900 a-night bed, feeding on a $500 vial of anti-venom. I am not sure what accounts for the remaining $600 of the overall bill. To think, earlier in the day, we were pleased to get a good deal on a $450 washing machine. How thrifty, we thought!

Bloody snakes. I hope our little friend makes it through the night. We will miss him terribly if he doesn't.

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